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Restoring a rare pair of spheres by Charles Dien

Wednesday, the 15th February 2017

Our focus of the moment is the restoration of this beautiful pair, made of an armillary sphere (illustrated here) and a terrestrial globe, on matching stands. The globe is signed Charles Dien, one of the most important globe workshops in France in the 19th century.

Starting with the planetary, we note that all the planets are original and present, a rare feat; one of the horizon table (vertical) is slightly bent and the supporting vertical metal half sphere stand has two fractures, without consequence for the solidity of the set: we shall therefore leave these two signs of age and use as they are, not distracting away from the elegance and functionnality of the sphere.

Our main effort will concentrate on bringing back the original patina burried under decades of oxidation and a review of the wheel mechanism.


Monday, the 06th March 2017

We have completed the restoration of the armilary sphere; a very positive was surprise was that the planetes turn out to be in ivory, as it should be the case for this 1840-50 object. A splendid outcome.

A rare armillary sphere by Charles Dien, circa 1840A rare armillary sphere by Charles Dien, circa 1840